Photo of Daniel and Kristina

Welcome to Daniel and Kristina's special website! Here you can learn more about us, read the story of how God led us together, browse our photo album, get to know us better, and see what we're doing. Feel free to make yourself at home, share it with your friends, and come back for more! If you have any other questions or comments, contact us--we'd love to hear from you!

Daniel and Kristina

We were married March 8, 2009, and are very much enjoying married life. Check out our photo gallery for photos of our home, our adventures, and our wedding. Keep coming back for more pictures and updates about us!

Treasure of Love

Something was in the air. I just knew it! But no, he couldn't be... He was on the other side of the country. It just couldn't happen. "Kristina, forget it. You're just being silly... But why have Mother and Dad been acting so strange lately? Could it really happen?" My mind raced on and on. "What was that? The doorbell?" Heart pounding, I walked to the door as if in a dream. "Who could it be?" Grasping the door knob, I paused. "Breathe, Kristina," I coached as each breath came in little gasps, "Breathe." Slowly, I opened the door... Read the rest of the story!

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