Wedding Details

The Wedding Party

We thought it would be fun to introduce our wedding party to you!

~ Our Parents ~

Our family is the most important part of our lives, for that's where our foundation began. Without our parents love, support, and careful training, and without our brothers being there for us in their own special ways, we wouldn't be where we are today. So we just want to tell you how special they are to us, and let you meet them too!

Chuck and Susan Reeve

Kristina's wonderful parents live in a country home in Northeast Washington state. Dad is an optometrist, and together they operate a small optometry practice in the small town of Kettle Falls, Washington. Kristina's parents have been a tremendous blessing to Kristina through her homeschool years, and a big support to her college and colporteur experience--even when she was across the country from them. Mother works hard managing the large garden and orchard, is helping to coordinate the wedding, and is even making the bride's dress! They are committed Christians and active health educators, and are a great encouragement to us as we look forward to starting our own home. We will miss them when we move to Kentucky!

Jim and Cathy McFeeters

Daniel's terrific parents live in a small country home in Kentucky. Dad teaches Information Technology (Computers) at the Somerset Community College. Mom, a full-time homeschool teacher, has recently taken up tutoring at the same community college, since his youngest brother graduated from homeschool in 2008. Daniel's parents are committed Christians, and are working together as leaders of the local Lake Cumberland Navigators Pathfinder club. They are a great encouragement in our home and ministry, and have inspired us to follow God's leading whatever path that may lead us to. We look forward to living not to far away from them in Kentucky!

~ The Bridesmaids ~

Kimberly Kodimer

Maid of Honior — Kimberly is a close friend of Kristina's and works for a homeschool ministry in Washington state, not far from Kristina's home. For several years, Kristina has gone to her house every week (when she's home), for massages and to just spend time together. Kimberly has been there with Kristina through thick and thin and her friendship and support will always be treasured. She is actively helping with the wedding planning, as well as sewing the bridesmaids/flower girl dresses and shouldering a host of other responsibilites. (Thank you, Kimberly, for everything!)

Elisabeth Mizner

Maid of Honor — Elisabeth was adopted by both Kristina and Daniel as their "little sister," and is very precious to both of them. She has been living with Kristina since August 2008, working with Discovering His Treasures ministry, and functioning as Kristina's nurse. After their wedding, she plans to go Bolivia to work in an orphanage for a year. (Thanks for keeping Kristina alive, Chickadee!)

Kyla Stemmler

Kyla was Kristina's first roommate in college, and they've been "sisters" ever since! Though their paths took them to different areas of mission work, occasional phone calls and visits have been a real blessing to Kristina as they've shared their challenges and victories in leadership roles. Kyla is still very active in colporteuring and Bible work, and we are thankful that she is taking the time to bless us with her presence!

Kristina Brandt

Kristina B. is friends with both Daniel's family and with Kristina! Her brother was one of Daniel's pen pals during grade school. Years later, God brought the two Kristina's together at a time when they both were needing a friend, and they have been close friends ever since! Though God has since called Kristina B. to work in an orphanage in India, their friendship lives on through phone and email and prayer. Kristina's encouragement and prayers are truly a blessing! We are excited that she is willing to fly all the way from India, just to be at our wedding!

Justina Thomas

Justina was Kristina's "Big Booking" partner when they colporteured together in Flint, Michigan in 2004, and they helped keep each other from dropping out of the program! Since then, their work has taken them far apart, as Justina was in India for a year, and currently is working at the Country Life Restaurant in Alabama. But the distance hasn't hurt their friendship, and Justina's friendship and support will ever be treasured!

~ The Flower Girl ~

Madeleine Reeve

Madeleine is Kristina's youngest cousin from her Dad's side of the family. Though she lives in Michigan and doesn't get to see Kristina often, she is a very special member of the family!

~ The Groomsmen ~

David Armstrong

Best Man — David is a good friend of both Daniel and Kristina, and has a very special place as their adopted "brother". He was Kristina's classmate in college, and worked as a leader in her colporteur programs. He has been a great help, support, encouragement and prayer partner through Daniel and Kristina's relationship. (Thanks, brother, for being there for us!)

Robert Campbell

Best Man — Robert is also a good friend of both Daniel and Kristina and their adopted "little brother". He was Daniel's classmate in college, and Daniel's family played an active role in leading him to Christ. Later, he joined Kristina's summer colporteur program and the following year he worked as a leader with Kristina. When God led him to mission work in Mongolia, the distance didn't deminish communication (thanks to skype)! His friendship and loyal support has been a great blessing and life wouldn't be the same without him! (Thanks, brother, for your willingness to housesit for us, so we can enjoy our honeymoon!)

Timothy McFeeters

Timothy is Daniel's younger brother, and his witty spirit has been the life of the McFeeters family. He has a passion for great things and a keen ear for creativity. Throughout Daniel and Kristina's relationship, he has been both one of their greatest supporters as well as one of their greatest tormenters--all in the spirit of true brotherly love. He currently is pursuing a music education major at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. Not only is he groomsman in our wedding, but also is singing special music, organizing our reception (as well as being emcee for it), and has taken many hours to help us find the right music for our reception! (Thanks, Timothy, for taking time from your studies to join us--we appreciate your help!)

Andrew McFeeters

Andrew is Daniel's youngest brother, and long-time friend of Kristina. He also spent two summers colporteuring under Kristina's leadership, and Kristina has many fun memories working with him. He is an avid aviation enthusiast, and we are all inspired by his goal to be an airplane pilot. As Andrew continues his courses in Aviation Maintenance and piloting, he will still always be affectionately in our hearts. (Have a high-flying year, Andrew, and don't leave us too far behind!)

Ben Colangelo

Ben has been a good friend of Daniel since their families began doing homeschool activities together some years ago. More recently, they attended the same college and were both part of a small team on a mission trip to Cuba. Though Ben now works for Amazing Facts in California, Daniel and Ben still share similar interests in computers, technology, and most importantly, in ministry for Christ. We're glad he can join us for our special day!

Erick Reeve

Honor attendant to the bride, and the bride and groom's chauffeur. — Erick is Kristina's younger brother and has been a wonderful friend and companion through her growing up years. Though more quiet and less out-going than Kristina, he has been a wonderful inspiration to her through the years of colporteuring and mission service as they have worked together and grown. Erick is working towards being a missionary nurse/pilot and has dedicated his life to God's work. He finished a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology and is now taking a pre-nursing classes in Spokane, Washington. (Thanks, Erick, for your quiet love and support!)

~ The Bible Boy ~

Steve Marsh

Steve is Kristina's youngest cousin on her Mother's side of the family. Though she doesn't get to see him much, it is a special privilege to have him join as a Bible Boy. When his parents got married, Kristina was their flower girl!

~ Ministers ~

Pastor Sam Solér

Officiating Minister — Pastor Sam has been a real friend and mentor to both of us. Daniel's family actually "met" the Solér family indirectly through a friend while they still lived in Washington State. A couple years later, Daniel's family moved to Kentucky at the same time that the Solér family moved there, so their families became instant friends. Pastor Sam baptized Daniel in 1998, and is currently Daniel's pastor in Somerset, Kentucky. He has been a welcome support to Discovering His Treasures ministry, and we are excited that he can come out to Washington to officate the wedding!

Pastor John Reeve

Dedicatory Prayer — Uncle John is the father of our flower girl. (He is Kristina's dad's youngest brother.) He currently teaches at the seminary at Andrews University in Michigan. Though miles separate between his family and ours, and we don't get to see him very often, he is still a great uncle and we are honored that he will be able to participate in our wedding!

Pastor Terry McComb

Dedicatory Prayer — Pastor Terry holds a very special place in both of our hearts. We first heard him give a nature presentation when we were 10-years-old, and it made a deep impression on both of us. Little did we know how that inspiration would lead! Now we are privileged to have him for a mentor as we seek to raise up our own nature ministry! His insights, encouragement, and counsel are priceless! We are SO thankful that he will be participating in our wedding!

Pastor Ken Lebrun

Dedicatory Prayer — Pastor Lebrun has been Kristina's pastor in Northport, WA for the past several years. Kristina has really enjoyed getting to know him more since she graduated from college and started being home on a more permanent basis. Though he is very busy with his three-church district, his love for deep Bible study and his genuine care for church members is an inspiration to us all!

~ The Ushers ~

Ryan Brown

Ryan is a long-time friend of both Daniel and Kristina, and was both a classmate and fellow colporteur with Kristina. Through good times and rough times, Ryan has been a tremendous help and encourager, and he holds a special place in our hearts too! He lives in Idaho and works at a factory that manufactures airplanes for the mission field, and just got married in November, 2008 (Congratulations, Ryan and Alina!).

Ken Marsh

Ken is Kristina's only other cousin on her mother's side--which makes him very special! He's too big to be a Bible boy like his brother, but we're so happy that he can be an usher. He is currently living with his parents and younger brother in California, attending high school. You'll see his smiling face when you arrive at the wedding!

Isaac Schlittenhart

Isaac is a long-time childhood friend of both Daniel and Kristina. Memories of him include canoe trips, camping, singing in the homeschool children's choir, field trips, playing, working, growing, studying, and sharing together. Isaac is in the computer field, so we still have lots in common. He is now married to Kristina's close friend, Emily, and they live only a couple hours from Kristina's family in Washington. We are so excited that they will both be there to help us on our special day!

Christian Reeves

Christian and his family have been good friends of Kristina and her family for many years, and they are members of the Kettle Falls church--were our wedding ceremony will be! Of course, most people don't notice the "s" on the end of his last name, (or the missing "s" on the end of Kristina's last name) and usally assume they are related! It makes for lots of laughs when both families live in the same area! Kristina fondly remembers the many Sundays they canvassed together before she went to college. We are honored to have him and his family helping to make our wedding memorable!

~ The Greeters ~

Emily Schlittenhart

Emily and Kristina's friendship goes back to childhood days, as well. As a faithful friend and pen pal since they were both 10 years old, Emily has been a real encouragement to Kristina in her growth and spiritual walk. She is married to Isaac Schlittenhart (one of our ushers) and lives in Washington. We were blessed to have her as one of our greeters!

Robyn Reeve

Robyn is one of Kristina's younger cousins, and it has been so special watching her grow up! She is attending Walla Walla College, which brought her close enough that she could come for the wedding! It was an honor and a privilege to have her join our team of greeters!

Annalee Hunt

Annalee and Kristina met at a colporteur program, and ended up being roommates at college for a year. Their friendship has been filled with many exciting memories, happy times, crying times, studying, and just plain having fun. We are thrilled that Annalee was able to come out from Kansas to help us at our wedding!

Laurel Owens

Laurel was one of Kristina's adopted "sisters" during her college days, and Kristina spent a lot of time with Laurel's family. One of their favorite memories was giving each other "deep" massages! Her sweet smile was a welcome addition to our greeting team!

Rebecca Cameron

Rebecca and Kristina have had some special experiences together--like riding on a train from Washington state to Minnesota and back for GYC, spending time together at Pastor McComb's house, and encouraging each other along the way. She is currently working as a Bible Worker in British Columbia, Canada. We were blessed that she could share God's love and joy with each person as they entered the door!

~The Others~

This list could turn endless if we started to mention all the others who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this wedding possible! The wedding coordinator, the decorators, the reception coordinator, our photography crew, our video crew, all of our church members from Northport, Kettle Falls, and Inchelium churches who housed people, made huge amounts of food, helped with invitations, bulletins, craft projects, cleaning jobs, hosted a bridal shower, and provided their support in every way possible... We have so much to be thankful for! Thank you, Everyone!

~ The Wedding Weekend ~
Sabbath and Sunday, March 7-8, 2009

Our wedding was not only a special Sunday afternoon, but a weekend of fellowship, as well, making it very wonderful time! Sabbath and Sunday were both be big days, so here's a bit of what we did.

~ Sabbath Events ~

Our church family at Northport SDA Church extended a warm invitation to all our friends and relatives who wanted to join us! We had special Sabbath Services in the morning, and a Haystack fellowship meal provided.

Sabbath afternoon, our church opened its doors for us to stay and fellowship, providing a welcome haven from the chilly cold outside. A special musical program was held later in the afternoon, followed by a light supper, and then the wedding party made their exit for the rehearsal location.

Sabbath Location:

Northport Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Northport, Washington.

Church Address:
714 Center Ave
Northport, WA 99157
(View Map to Church)

Sabbath activities and schedule were as follows:


Sabbath School--Special Nature program by Kristina and Daniel


Worship Service by Pastor Samuel Soler


Fellowship Meal--Haystacks

Afternoon fellowship, relaxation, and visiting


Special Musical Program/Vespers by Kristina and visiting friends and family




Wedding party leaves for the rehearsal


Wedding rehearsal at Kettle Falls SDA Church

~ Wedding Ceremony ~

The wedding ceremony was truly the most momentous experience of our lives! We hope and pray that our photos and video of the service will be a blessing to you.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ceremony Began:


Ceremony Location:

Kettle Falls Seventh-day Adventist church in Kettle Falls, Washington (about 26 miles from Kristina's home).

Church Address:
210 W 11th Ave.
Kettle Falls, WA 99141
(View Map to Church)

Wedding guests were invited to stay by the church while the family had a short photo session, and then all caravaned with the bridal party to the reception.

Reception Location:

Kettle River Grange (about 15 miles north of the church)

25262 Highway 395 N
Kettle Falls, WA 99141
(View Map to Reception)

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