Our Story: Treasure of Love

Chapter 3
A New Adventure

Praying also...that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ. Colossians 4:3


However, those questions began to haunt me. Was God calling me to share these nature object lessons as a full time ministry? The next Monday morning I discussed the idea with my family, and a few days later with a couple close friends in the area. To my surprise, I received enthusiastic support and encouragement! I began to believe that this was from God, and started thinking seriously about it. How would it work? What should the ministry be called? I wondered.

On Friday morning, seeing Daniel on instant messenger, I shared with him how God had been working, and the new idea He had given me. To my surprise, he was very encouraging! He suggested that I should look up name ideas on Google to see if anyone else was using them. Then he convinced me to start work on a website, and even volunteered to teach me HTML! That afternoon I gave a list of possible ministry names to my parents, two close friends, and Daniel. By Sabbath, we had narrowed it down, and unanimously voted that the new ministry should be called Discovering His Treasures.


When Kristina shared her idea with me, I was both excited and skeptical. This was something fresh and new—I still remembered how interesting the Reflections from Kokanee slideshow had been. However, I was concerned knowing the risk of disaster when embarking in this type of ministry. I decided to test the waters and see how God would lead. Being a web developer and programmer, the first thought that came to mind was that Kristina needed a website. I enjoyed designing websites, but I had stopped doing free computer work for people. It always turned out to be more work than I'd bargained for. I decided instead to teach her how to create her own website. This way I could have the fun of teaching and still help the ministry. My offer was a bit half-hearted at first. I figured that if she wasn't serious about having a website, she would soon give up learning. If she quit, I wasn't going to just create the website for her.

We needed a way to host the website, and to do all we wanted we really needed our own web server. But I didn't have a server, and a new one would be very expensive. That night I prayed, "Lord, if it is Your will that we should build this website, please help us to find a server."

On Sunday I was helping a friend setup some computers, and mentioned that I was looking for a web server. He said he had a couple very old machines that he might be willing to sell me. On Monday, I saw him again and asked him what he wanted for his old system. After thinking a bit, he looked at me and said, "Actually, I'll just give it to you."

I was speechless. I had hoped to get a server fairly inexpensively, but I hardly expected someone to just give one to me—much less the very next day!


As Daniel looked for a server I had total peace that God would work everything out. When I heard the news that afternoon, however, I was shocked that it had all happened so quickly! It was confirmation that this was His leading, and it was so exciting! Some friends and I had already been working on a logo, so I quickly designed a rough draft of the website in a word processor, and informed Daniel that I was ready to work. His first response was somewhat disappointing: "Here is a program I've been playing around with. Why don't you download it and try it out?"

Wasn't he going to teach me? I thought, installing the program. Hours later, I was still fumbling with the software, trying to figure out what to do! In desperation I sent Daniel the document, so he could picture what I wanted, and asked him for some more help.


When Kristina sent me the Word document website, my first thought was, Oh no... How am I going to teach Kristina anything with this? I didn't back down on my bargain, but I knew that she would have to be very determined if she wanted to succeed. I decided to teach her the same way I learned—by a lot of experimenting and perseverance. I wonder how long she will last...


Daniel had no clue how determined I was! For years I'd dreamed of building a website. Throughout my teen years, I admired friends' online forums and websites, and more than once had asked one or another how they did it. "Oh, it's easy!" they would respond. "Just play around with it. It's not hard to figure out." But without someone to get me started, and I'd basically given up hope, until Daniel's offer. This was something I couldn't pass up!

I worked on the website eight hours a day, squeezing it in between all other projects. Being a night owl, it was hard to get up early, but I was determined enough to get up at 4:30 every morning for a month! After devotions, I worked a couple hours on the website before Daniel appeared online. He would help me for a while, and then I'd work for several more hours so I could ask more questions in the evening. It was a real marathon, but God helped me to learn quickly, and within four weeks, we had the entire website up and running!


After the server miracle, and seeing Kristina's dedication, I realized this ministry was for real, and committed to doing my part in making Discovering His Treasures a success. I juggled my classes, work schedule, and speaking appointments, and still found time to help Kristina. We worked against a deadline—in December I would graduate with my Associate degree in Information Technology, and in January I would be leaving for Africa.

Shortly after we started the website, Kristina asked me if I was going to GYC, an Adventist youth convention held annually in different places around the US. This particular GYC would be in Chattanooga, TN, only a few hours drive away. What a perfect opportunity! Not only would it provide fellowship with other young people, but it would be a wonderful spiritual retreat before beginning my mission venture. So with my brother Timothy and two friends from Kentucky, I drove to GYC.


GYC was a real blessing to all of us, and a fun opportunity to be together with friends who were committed to serving the Lord. There were eight of us who stayed together for all the meetings and meals.

As Daniel and I had worked together, our friendship had grown. While I looked forward to seeing Daniel, I did not want either of us to become distracted from ministry. I needed more time to develop in His work. So I made a commitment to God that I would be watchful and cautious during the weekend, and not allow my heart to set itself on any young man.


GYC was a very special time in many ways. On Friday evening, I went forward and dedicated my life to ministry and mission service. On Sabbath afternoon, we went together on the GYC outreach project. I'll never forget Kristina's enthusiasm as we ran from door to door! It was truly a blessing to get better acquainted as we witnessed to the people of Chattanooga. Yet I knew that there were many things the Lord was calling me to, and made a commitment to stay focused on His mission. We parted, being confident in God's care and the assurance of our prayers.

A little over two weeks later, I boarded a plane for Namibia, leaving behind everything familiar to embark on a new mission in a new culture among the Himba people.

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part: but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away. 1 Corinthians 13:9-10, RV

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