Our Story: Treasure of Love

Chapter 5
Could It Really Be?

The Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off. 1 Chronicles 28:9


After the summer of 2006, Discovering His Treasures ministry became top priority. In six weeks, Daniel and I had developed a new logo, the website had a new look, and I was headed back to Decatur, Arkansas, for another series of nature meetings. What a blessing to have my first official seminar at the very church where it all began!

November sent me flying once again, this time to Kentucky for two and a half weeks. One of my colporteur students, a friend of Daniel's family, wanted a seminar in her area. She talked to her pastor, and soon I was scheduled in three churches. Daniel had just come back from Africa, and it was such a blessing to see him and his family again.

During those weeks, we enjoyed working together in person for the first time. Daniel helped me put the last few talks together, ran the computer and slides during the presentations, and assisted with the material's table. I was touched by his dedication to the ministry, his real burden for the work, and his personal interest in me and my needs. The demands of leading the summer program had taken its toll on my strength, and at times I needed a wheelchair to get around.

I began thinking what a blessing it would be if God led us together. But suddenly my mind would bring me back to reality. How do you know what he thinks about you? Do you really think he'd be willing to care for someone with potentially permanent disabilities? He has dreams, goals and desires, too. Do you think he'd want to give up all his aspirations to help a lowly ministry and a weak young woman? I didn't have the answers. All I could do was wait on the Lord and pray.


What Kristina didn't know was the commitment I had made two years before. I had thought about it many times over the past months, and knew that if Kristina was the right one, I wouldn't let her physical limitations deter me, even if they turned out to be permanent.

I had talked to my parents even before going to Africa about my developing interest in Kristina. They had encouraged me to do the work God had given me, and to continue being friends, but not to begin a relationship yet. That was a year ago. The more Kristina and I worked together, the more I realized how well our interests, personality, and goals complemented each other. Her prayers had brought encouragement at just the right time, and I had been a blessing to her as well. Though I didn't tell this to Kristina, I couldn't hide the smile on my face.


Seeing Daniel's extra enthusiasm to help me anytime I needed it, and noticing the look on his face when he turned my direction, made me really start to wonder. Though he hadn't said anything, feelings began to spring up in my heart—feelings that I had been trying so hard to keep under control.


My parents had seen the interest developing between us, and they knew we needed more counsel. I had wanted to talk to Kristina's parents before I let Kristina know about my interest, yet I didn't know how to approach them. Just a few days before Kristina was to fly home, my parents sat down to talk with us, and together, for the first time, we discussed our mutual interest.


Now that I knew there really was an interest on Daniel's part I had nothing left to hold my feelings in check. I immediately asked Daniel to call my parents and discuss it with them.


Kristina's parents were just as astonished as I was afraid they might be. "You know what God's counsel says," they replied. "'Your feelings, your impressions, your emotions are not to be trusted, for they are not reliable.'2 They cannot be controlled without yielding your will to Christ. 'If there is any subject that should be considered with calm reason and unimpassioned judgment, it is the subject of marriage.'3 Now is the time to focus on preparation for your responsibilities of marriage and not on each other, and limit your correspondence until Daniel is finished with school."

Kristina and I agreed to go forward in the work God had given each of us, and to keep boundaries on our communication.


I came home from Kentucky with a lot to think about. I wished I had held my emotions in check, and not placed myself in the position to be told of Daniel's interest, before my parents had given their consent. For two weeks I wrestled with my emotions, until finally I realized that I was holding back, and not giving them to God. I sat down and wrote a letter to God, telling Him everything I was feeling, my hopes and dreams, and turning everything over to Him. Even if Daniel did have an interest in me, that wasn't an automatic "This is it!" I left it all in God's hands and told Him that I was willing to follow wherever He should lead.

My parents and I had been studying courtship and marriage for the past year, but Daniel's phone call definitely stimulated more research and discussion. We discussed what should happen when a young man asked their permission to marry me. We also finished a list of qualities I needed in a young man—what fit my specific needs, and what he should be like, so I could benefit him. We analyzed Daniel by that list, along with several other friends. This helped me look at them for who they really were—their weaknesses and their strengths, and put things into perspective.


A month later, I was again driving home from GYC. While contemplating the events of the weekend and of the last two months, I became convicted of the need to pray for a miracle. I didn't know what kind of miracle to pray for—only that I needed to pray for a miracle. God gave me peace once again, and He didn't let me down.

The coming months found me starting the routine of work and school again, for the first time in over a year. Despite the challenges of juggling this with church responsibilities and a month of evangelistic meetings, I still found time to work with Kristina on Discovering His Treasures projects. During the spring, my computer business—FiForms Solutions—hit a speed bump when the Somerset Oil Refinery changed hands and went into bankruptcy. I was left scurrying around town looking for new clients to fill the hole in my pocket book.


January 2006 found me doing a nature seminar for my home church, before heading to Canada again, this time for three months. While I was there, Daniel and I embarked on a new project—creating an inventory and accounting database for Discovering His Treasures! It was a fun project, because I was able to start learning computer programming in the process.

During this time I was able to counsel more with my parents and with my friends in Canada. It was a blessing to learn from their wisdom and experience, and it helped keep my focus in the right direction—ministry—rather than relationship. Daniel and I set more boundaries in our communication and work time, limiting discussions mainly to work and ministry, rather than focusing on our friendship. Though it was a challenge, it proved to be a tremendous blessing to us by keeping our eyes fixed on Christ.

In May I flew to North Carolina to do nature meetings for a campmeeting. Since it was only a few hours' drive from Kentucky, Daniel's whole family was able to come, and it was so much fun to see them again! I was very busy that week, running the materials booth in addition to finishing my talks and doing the meetings, so Daniel and I had little chance to talk. But what a blessing to have him and his brother helping with the materials' booth and giving ideas for the talks!


In early May I graduated with a transfer degree, and North Carolina campmeeting was a refreshing beginning to the summer break. I realized, though, that our friendship was challenging both of us emotionally. Even though I knew Kristina was struggling, I had hardly understood how strong of a battle it was, or how much it was affecting our ability to follow God's leading. Now I didn't know what to do about it.

Back at home after campmeeting, I did a partial overhaul on my car and continued hunting for new business clients. I also signed up for classes at Western Kentucky University which would begin in August. From now on, the school program would be online, and I would complete my Bachelor's in only three semesters.


We had been counseling with our parents and praying for God's will and direction. I realized that we needed some time "apart" to think objectively, to pray, and to seek His leading—without communicating or even working together in ministry. Since I would be gone for nearly three months, running the colporteur program in New York, I realized that this would be the best time. As head leader, I would be too busy to maintain a lot of communication, and I needed to be able to focus on the summer program. As hard as the decision was, I knew it was the right thing.


When Kristina called me and suggested that we should stop our communication for the entire summer, I was stunned. At first I couldn't believe she was serious! Questions filled my mind: Would our friendship survive? Or would this spell the end of a friendship closely entwined in my hopes and dreams? But after much thought and prayer, I too was convicted that this was the right thing, regardless of the outcome. On Thursday night, June 7, we said goodbye.


That was probably the hardest decision of my entire life! We had grown close in our friendship, and it was like tearing my heart out to say goodbye. I realized this was best—I had allowed my feelings and emotions to control our friendship, and I needed time to reconnect and focus—to re-intrust my feelings with God. Despite the trying circumstances, God used this to bring about one of His greatest miracles. Little did I dream what He would do during the next few months!

Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not its own, is not provoked, taketh not account of evil; rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth with the truth. 1 Corinthians 13:4-6, RV

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